Refund Policy

28Mall Refund & Return Policy

28Mall Refund & Return Policy

1)  The Merchant guarantees items sold on 28Mall are genuine brands and Buyer can enjoy 7-Days refund coverage subject to the refund policy below:

For Domestic delivery, i.e. where the Merchant and the Buyer are situate in the same country, Buyer may request for return of items within 7 calendar days via our online return form. This period starts from the date 28Mall has successfully delivered the item to Buyer (based on the date of receipt from the delivery company), or the date Buyer collected the item from the Merchant’s location (date of collection from Merchant). After receipt of 28Mall written confirmation via email/SMS that the item is eligible for return, Buyer will need to return the item via courier / registered post to the Return Address provided by 28Mall, or to the original collection location within 10 calendar days from the date of 28Mall confirmation.

What Buyer needs to provide for a valid return:

-        Order information (order number, tax invoice)

-        Credit Card Payment / Bank in details / 7-11 Cash payment records (image

-        Printed Return Form and 28Mall Tax Invoice in each return package box

-        The return has to be validated by 28Mall Customer Service (“CS”) and Buyer is only entitled to return and/or refund if 28Mall has found that the case meets the refund policy requirements below.

-        If Buyer claims that the item was damaged at the time of receipt, Buyer should file the report to 28Mall within 24 hours (or the following date if the deadline falls on a public holiday in the country where the CS operates in the Merchant’s location for claim purposes (as to which time shall be of the essence), failing which no such claim will be entertained.

2) Buyer may request for a return if the order is found to be

Wrong item / wrong size sent

Manufacturing defects / defective items

Item does not match the description on product page of Merchant’s store

For any of the above 3 scenarios, the Merchant will deliver new replacement product to Buyer and bear delivery fee for the return and new item delivery fee. If replacement product is not available, the price of the item paid by Buyer will be refunded to Buyer in full as per the Refund Method specified by 28Mall.

Change of size/colour by Buyer (Buyer will pay for the return fee and new item delivery fee)

However, each store’s return policy can be determined by the Merchant and displayed on their store. In case of a discrepancy, the return policy of the Merchant store will prevail. If the Merchant does not include any return policy, 28Mall return policy will apply.

3) If Buyer’s order is eligible for a return, Buyer will need to ship the item back to the designated Return address in the Items Return Conditions stated below. The Merchant has the right to reject or perform partial refund if the Items Return Conditions are not met within the stipulated deadline.

Items Return Conditions If return is accepted, Buyer will need to include the item and other items as stated below in the return package. Returns that do not meet 28Mall Return Policy or Conditions will not be accepted and will be sent back to the Buyer.

x : Not Required | : Required

Reasons for return

New & Original condition

Sealed condition

(Products seals should not be broken)

Free gifts, accessories, original packaging

Tags & labels attached

Wrong Product Sent (wrong size, colour, item)


Defective Product



Product does not match Description on Merchant Store

Product – Buyer Change Size, Cancellation (Exclude Imported Items)

The following items are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable:

a)      CD & DVD

b) Cosmetics and Skincare

c) Digital downloads (including vouchers, coupons, gift vouchers, music, video)

d) Electronics and Gadget

e) Food, Beverages & Perishable items

f) Fragrance and Perfumes

g) Imported items shipped from overseas

h) Jewelry and Gemstones

i) Luxury – items fall under 28Mall Luxury category

j) Tickets, coupons, hotel reservations, concert tickets, movie tickets, air tickets

k) Underwear, Lingerie, Shapewear (including corset, panty hose, leggings) and swimwear (and other undergarments due to hygiene reasons)

l) Saleitems with discounted prices, and/or items which can be purchased with 30% or more of price in HB$

m) Reloading for 28Mall Cash eWallet and HB$ Wallet, pre-paid cards, and 28Mall Gift cards/coupons

Further, the items under the following conditions are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable: The item has been damaged/made defective by Buyer

i) The item’s value has decreased due to Buyer’s usage or consumption e.g. breaking the seal of the item or removing the price tag, or due to its time-sensitive nature and cannot be resold

ii) The item has been customized or uniquely produced for Buyer

4) For any return or refund request, Buyer should contact Merchant directly, and the Merchant shall deal with such request in accordance with 28Mall Return Policy or the Merchant’s Return Policy as stated in the Merchant store. In case of any unresolved disputed, Buyer can contact 28Mall CS for assistance. However, 28Mall will not be held responsible for any defects or damage in the items caused by the Merchants and/or any loss or damage as may be suffered by Buyer as a result of usage or non-usage of such items, and are not obliged to make compensation on behalf of the Merchants.

5) The items, descriptions and contents listed on 28Mall are entered by the Merchants. 28Mall only provides the eCommerce platform to facilitate transactions between Merchants and Buyers, and shall not be held liable for any such descriptions, mis-descriptions or omissions arising thereof, or any loss or damage as may be suffered by Buyer as a result.

Refund Method for Valid Return

Payment Method (used for purchase)

Refund Method

28Mall Processing time (after return has been validated)

Credit card

28Mall Cash eWallet Credit

30 working days

Debit Card

28Mall Cash eWallet Credit

30 working days



30 working days

Cash on Delivery (COD)

28Mall Cash eWallet Credit

30 working days

Bank transfer

28Mall Cash eWallet Credit

30 working days

28Mall HB$

28Mall HB$ eWallet Credit

30 working days

For return delivery fee Buyer incurred due to the faulty / damaged / wrong item, it will be reimbursed by way of a credit of equivalent amount in Cash to the Buyer’s Cash eWallet in 28Mall within 30 working days.

For other returns accepted not due to above reasons, the return delivery fee will be borne by Buyer. Buyer should confirm with CS the validity of return before returning the item.

Buyer may login to members area to check on the status of return credit in Cash eWallet and HB$ eWallet.

Customs duties and sales taxes are non-refundable through 28Mall. Buyer will need to recover these by contacting local customs bureau directly.