Shu Uemura ultime8 infinite sublime beauty cleansing oil 450ml

Shu Uemura ultime8 infinite sublime beauty cleansing oil 450ml
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What it is:
A facial cleansing oil that renews skin quality, leaving it moisturised and feeling soft and smooth with less visible pores for an ultimate cleansing experience.

What it does:
This powerful but gentle makeup remover contains ultime8 complex, a combination of eight precious botanical origin oils that are enriched with asian life-energising plants. Japanese camellia, Korean ginseng, and Golden bamboo are infused to better condition, nourish and protect the skin for a visibly renewed skin quality. With a cashmere-like texture, ultime8 infinity sublime beauty cleansing oil embraces the skin in a light cocoon of moisture for an inimitable sensorial experience.

What else you need to know:
Japanese Camellia: A light textured oil that has a high affinity and boosts quick absorption in skin. It is extracted exclusively from Toshima Island, using cold-pressed and first-pressed technology to ensure the purest and highest grade quality. It conditions and moisturises the skin while providing anti-inflammatory benefits.
Korean Ginseng: This grows on rich virgin land with at least five years of maturity and is then harvested and extracted. It nourishes the skin while providing skin elasticity enhancing properties.
Golden Bamboo: This contains vitamin E and anti-oxidants for theskin. 2kg of bamboo leaves are used to extract a single drop (1g) of bamboo oil - a testimony to the pursuit of the infinite dedication towards the production of the cleansing oil.
Jojoba Oil: This contains wax esters to synthesise collagen. It helps to improve skin elasticity and suppleness.
Olive Oil: A natural emollient with great affinity to the skin, it is very close to the main components of the human sebum and the hydrolipidic film. It has an anti-oxidant effect and lessens wrinkle formation.
Ginger Root Oil: This is a well-known medicinal oil in Asia. It fight against skin damage and creates a healthy skin. It reduces melanin production and wrinkle formation.
Shea Butter Oil: This is rich in triglycerides and fatty acids. It is similar to cutaneous lipids to help reinforce barrier function for protection from external stress. It contains linoleic acid and is known to have a soothing effect.
Corn Oil: This provides a thin oil layer on the skin's surface and protects skin from dryness. It has an emollient effect known to support skin hydration.
Papaya Extract: Powerful yet gentle natural exfoliator that polishes away protein stains moringa extract - instantly captures harmful pollutants including pm2.5.

Green Tea Extract: Known for its anti-oxidant properties.

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